The most asked questions can be found here! Please read these BEFORE purchasing the plugin, so there aren't any surprises for you.

How do I drive this/that vehicle?

Basic driving: 'W / A / S / D' Jumping / Flying the helicopter & broom / Jetpack / Honking: 'SPACE' Change direction of the train: Hold 'S' Flying the plane: Look up / down to gain / lose altitude Opening the trunk: 'RIGHT CLICK' - while riding the vehicle Refueling the vehicle: 'SHIFT + LEFT-CLICK' Picking up the vehicle: 'SHIFT + RIGHT-CLICK' Dropping bombs from the plane: 'RIGHT-CLICK' TNT - while flying (permission) Firing missiles from a tank / helicopter: 'RIGHT-CLICK' a fire charge - while riding (permission) Shooting with the Mecha: 'RIGHT CLICK' Grappling / Hooking with the Mecha: 'LEFT-CLICK' Enter Submarine View: 'RIGHT-CLICK' - while riding Exit Submarine View: 'SPACE'

My players can't place vehicles and drive!

Players need permissions to buy and drive each vehicle. We call it the "Use-Permissions" which can be found here. In addition to this, make sure that you have added the allowed worlds to the config, or given the world override permission to the player.

My vehicles are laggy / lacking blocks!

  • Certain clients, such as Optifine and Lunar clients, especially in 1.16.5 have issues with armorstands. We suggest updating these to the latest versions.
  • If you are using any armor-stand limiter plugins or similar, increase the amount or remove the plugin to see the entire vehicles again.
  • Have a resource pack enabled? Try disabling that, as some mess with armorstands.
  • We have discovered that ItemsAdder has issues showing the vehicle textures for the newer vehicles, which utilise a Minecraft Skin URL.
  • Using Paper? You can disable the armorstand tick feature in your paper.yml. This will increase the performance of vehicles.
armor-stands-tick: false
  • Using Entity Stackers? We have discovered that certain stackers try to stack our Vehicles, especially when pushed by pistons, and could drop loads of items in response.
  • Or it might be time to upgrade your server. All depends on your current hardware, plugin and player count though.

Do I need a resourcepack for this plugin?

You'd be surprised, but no! You don't need a resource pack to see the vehicles. Also, some resourcepacks might change the looks of armorstands and destroy the vehicles.

Are custom/my own vehicles supported?

Only the current vehicles are available and you can't upload your own vehicles . However all vehicles' colors/materials can be changed. For more info on coloring vehicles click here.

What vehicles are available?

In total there are 16 vehicles. These are:
Racing Cars
Sport Bikes

Can I craft the vehicles?

No, we don't have any features which allow this. You could update third party plugins, or create your own mechanics/plugins to do this.

My Vehicle has taken damage! Help!

Use /repairvehicle (permission) to fix your vehicle again. If you disable Health, make sure to also disable blockBreakDamage for Drills, as they take damage when mining.

What versions are supported?

We only support Minecraft Java 1.14+. That means we currently support 1.14 -> 1.19.4 Please also keep in mind that we only support Spigot or Spigot forks (Paper, Purpur, Tuinity, etc...). Bedrock or mobile users will NOT see the vehicles.

Are there any dependencies?

Yes, a permissions plugin (eg: LuckPerms*) is required to give players permission to for example drive/buy vehicles. In addition to this, to use / enable shop, you need Vault** and a Vault compatible economy plugin. Plugins like EssentialsX have a built in economy. * LuckPerms is not affiliated with Vehicles, the developer or any of our plugins. For questions regarding this plugin, please contact their support. ** Vault is not affiliated with Vehicles, the developer or any of our plugins.

Do I need to take precautions?

Yes! Vehicles checks for malware and tampering with the plugin jar. That means that if you have a plugin which copies a folder into other jar files, Vehicles will disable and not work. More questions about this or need help to fix this? Join our discord!

Can I try the plugin before buying it?

Yes, that is possible on the test servers (see below). Please keep in mind, that some servers are public and not owned by Vehicles.
  • Server One: Version: 1.19.2 Language: English
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