Community Addons

Please make sure to read the setup instructions, permissions, and commands on each of the addons GitHub page. The Vehicles Team may not be able to help you with any of the following addons.
Please keep in mind that these addons are not constantly maintained. Therefore some might be outdated or not working in certain versions anymore.
If you'd like to submit your addon, please open a ticket on our discord!

Disposable Vehicles Addon

The Disposable Vehicles Addon adds the feature to delete Vehicles after they are dismounted by the player, making them single-use objects. Author: Nimāri#6334 Link:

Vehicle Pickup Addon

The Vehicle Pickup Addon adds the feature to modify whether players can pick up certain vehicles or not. Author: Nimāri#6334 Link:

Speedometer Addon

The Speedometer Addon adds a Blocks per Second indicator next to the Fuel Bar. It allows for custom colors as well! Author: Mtuart#0420 Link:

FindMy Addon

The FindMy Addon allows you to find your Vehicles, or the Vehicles of others again! Important Notice: Please read the FAQ on the GitHub Page for more info! Author: Mtuart#0420 Link:

Repair Consumable Addon

The Repair Consumable allows you to set a custom consumable item to repair your Vehicle! Important Notice: Please read the "How to use?" section on the GitHub Page for more info! Author: Nimāri#6334 Link:
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