General Settings

Do not reload the plugin or the server to put these changes into effect. Restart the server.

Allowing Worlds

 - 'world'
 - 'another_world'
 - 'more_worlds'

You need to set the worlds players can use the vehicles in, in your config.yml. For that simply add more lines or overwrite the default value. Players can also receive the override permission to use the vehicles in any world.

Vehicle Health

vehicleHealthEnabled: true
transferDamageToRider: true
damageTransferMultiplier: 0.8

Enable or disable Vehicle health here. In addition to this you can set the damage it transfers to the rider, or disable this function fully. Drills will still loose damage when mining. To disable this, navigate to BlockBreakDamage: in the config.yml.

Shulker Storage

allowShulkersInVehicleStorage: false

Enable or disable the storage of Shulkers in the trunks.

Projectile Removing

removeProjectileOnHit: true

Enable or disable the removing of projectiles from Vehicles when hit.

Powered Rails & Trains

trainAffectByPoweredRails: true

Enable or disable the trains to be influenced by powered rails. This simply allows the train to be able to turn around or not.

Vehicle Momentum

keepVehicleMomentum: true




Enable or disable if the vehicle should continue moving a bit after exiting while riding.

Remove on Death

removeBikeOnRiderDie: false
removeCarOnRiderDie: false
removeTrainOnRiderDie: false
removeRaftOnRiderDie: false
removePlaneOnRiderDie: false
removeParachuteOnRiderDie: false
removeHelicopterOnRiderDie: false
removeTankOnRiderDie: false
removeSubmarineOnRiderDie: false
removeBroomOnRiderDie: false
removeHoverBikeOnRiderDie: false
removeDrillOnRiderDie: false
removeSportBikeOnRiderDie: false
removeRacingCarOnRiderDie: false
removeTractorOnRiderDie: false




Enable or disable if the vehicle should be removed if the rider dies.

Remove on Dismount

removeBikeOnDismount: false
removeCarOnDismount: false
removeTrainOnDismount: false
removeRaftOnDismount: false
removePlaneOnDismount: false
removeParachuteOnDismount: false
removeHelicopterOnDismount: false
removeTankOnDismount: false
removeSubmarineOnDismount: false
removeBroomOnDismount: false
removeHoverBikeOnDismount: false
removeDrillOnDismount: false
removeSportBikeOnDismount: false
removeRacingCarOnDismount: false
removeTractorOnDismount: false
removeMechaOnDismount: false




Enable or disable if the vehicle should be removed if the rider gets off the vehicle.

Vehicle Storage

enableBikeStorage: true
enableCarStorage: true
enableTrainStorage: true
enableRaftStorage: true
enablePlaneStorage: true
enableHelicopterStorage: true
enableTankStorage: true
enableHoverBikeStorage: true
enableDrillStorage: true
enableSportBikeStorage: true
enableRacingCarStorage: true
enableTractorStorage: true




Enable or disable if the vehicle should have a trunk/storage.

Mechas, Brooms, Submarines, and Parachutes do not have a storage.

Sound Settings

soundsEnabled: true
bikeJumpVolume: 1.0
bikeEngineVolume: 1.0
bikeExplodeVolume: 1.0
broomExplodeVolume: 1.0
carEngineVolume: 1.0
carExplodeVolume: 1.0
carHornVolume: 8.0
helicopterEngineVolume: 2.0
helicopterMissileLaunchVolume: 1.0
helicopterExplodeVolume: 1.0
hoverBikeEngineVolume: 2.0
hoverBikeExplodeVolume: 1.0
parachuteExplodeVolume: 1.0
planeEngineVolume: 2.0
planeBombDropVolume: 1.0
planeExplodeVolume: 1.0
raftExplodeVolume: 1.0
submarineBaseVolume: 2.0
submarineExplodeVolume: 1.0
tankEngineVolume: 2.0
tankMissileLaunchVolume: 1.0
tankExplodeVolume: 1.0
trainBaseVolume: 1.0
trainHornVolume: 7.0
trainExplodeVolume: 1.0
sportBikeJumpVolume: 1.0
sportBikeEngineVolume: 1.0
sportBikeExplodeVolume: 1.0
racingCarEngineVolume: 1.0
racingCarExplodeVolume: 1.0
racingCarHornVolume: 8.0
drillEngineVolume: 2.0
drillBreakVolume: 1.0
drillExplodeVolume: 1.0
tractorEngineVolume: 1.5
tractorExplodeVolume: 1.0
mechaEngineVolume: 1.1
mechaThrustVolume: 1.1
mechaExplodeVolume: 1.0
mechaGunVolume: 1.2
mechaHookVolume: 1.2
mechaBlockGrabVolume: 1.0




Enable or disable if the vehicles should have sounds.


Sets the loudness of the vehicle when jumping.


Sets the general volume when riding the vehicle.


Sets the loudness of the explosion when the vehicle breaks.



Sets the volume of the bomb/missile dropping.


Similar to the engine volume, it sets the general volume of the vehicle.


Sets the loudness of the laser gun on the Mecha.


Sets the loudness of the hook for the Mecha.


Sets the volume of the Mecha grappling a block.

Vehicle Particles

particlesEnabled: true




Enable or disable if the vehicle should have particles.

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